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The power of Interactive Life comes from its ability to quickly adapt to existing processes, and to address targeted areas and issues, augmenting every aspect of your business. 

Our suite includes powerful tools allowing you to create an integrated solution touching different aspects of your business and providing you priceless data enabling you to AUGMENT your business intelligence helping you:

Validate and optimize your processes

Reduce time inefficiencies

Reduce cost

Reduce delays

Capture bad trends early

Make more informed decisions 
Evaluate your employees

Engage your audience


Form Generator


Our Form Builder allows you to create advanced forms with conditional fields and answer dependent alerts and pop-ups.  Forms can be formatted to fit your needs.  All forms are linked to other engines as part of the data collection tools. 

All forms can be created in multiple languages with the data being utilized for analytics regardless of the language used to fill them.

Forms can be personalized and triggered to specific users or groups through intelligence synthesized from:

  • Profile

  • Date/Time

  • Location

  • Previous questions answered 


Forms are optimized for mobile and web usage.  


Workflow Modeler

Our Workflow Modeling engine enables companies to mirror existing workflows without requiring a change in the current ways of working .  


IL's workflow engine automates and distributes tasks  according to data gathered or tasks completed. 

All steps are linked to specific roles, rules, questionnaires, information center, alerts, other tasks etc.


Data and Trend Monitor


Our FANTOM (Fact-driven Augmentation eNgine for Trend Observance and Monitoring) engine monitors data from different sources and enables the owners to create their own business rules that trigger call-to-actions such as alerts or tasks.

Data source can be forms built by our Form Generator, or other sources such as a legacy system or a 3rd party database, via APIs or custom uploads, sensors, or any combination of the above.


Mobile App Builder

IL Studio allows you to build advanced mobile applications without any technical knowledge, including a rich library of functionality.

Our unique approach lets you control the app content, layout and branding in real time, without any update in the app stores. 

App contents can be personalized and timed, with real-time triggers to engage audiences live.


Our apps are native to iOS and Android.


Interactive Live Streaming


Our streaming studio lets you create multiple channels and stream live or in simulated live mode.

Streaming channels can be combined with chat in different languages with full control of participants like warning, banning for a period of time or permanently.

Information or questions in different languages can be triggered to the audience simultaneously with the question being asked by the speaker.

You can give users the ability to upload moderated or unmoderated pictures and videos, with voting and rating capabilities for continuous user engagement.

This feature is perfect for media, communities, education, churches, etc.



We understand that the power of data lies not in its quantity but in its quality and the ability to harness the right data to deliver construction intelligence.

Our high-powered analytics and performance dashboards are customized to the needs of contractors, managers, developers, and owners.


With detailed reports and real-time web-based data, you get a clear, easy to view picture of everything you need to track.

Our aim is to rapidly help you get to grips with your data, figure out which data points matter and sift out the ones you don’t need. 

Our database is optimized for BI tools such as Tableau or Microsoft Analytics.  

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