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Hybrid Engagement Platform

  • Build your virtual environment without technical expertise

  • Seamlessly navigate between simultaneous activities in different rooms

  • Powerful interactive tools for personalized and real-time engagement

  • Professional production and green rooms

  • Networking

  • One-on-one and group interactions

  • Live, pre-recorded and mixed sessions

  • Record and replay sessions

  • Helps to determine mental health condition

  • Matches and connect with pertinent specialist

  • Follows-up post treatment start



Mental Health Patient Engagement and Empowerment Through Continuum of Care

  • Conduct brief mental health screenings

  • Identify potential mental health issues

  • Connect patients with the pertinent mental health specialists.

  • Personalized engagement ensures continuum of care

  • Real time monitoring and alerts. 

  • Graphical progress visualization for cognizant decision making.

Dynamic simulation of provocative scenario interactions



Interactive Training Workflow

  • Evaluate responses in simulated situations in order to:

    • Guide the trainee to reflect and take better actions in similar real-life situations

    • Assess the trainee aptitude to handle different situations using multiple factors such as character gender, tone, age etc.

  • Different characters escalate or de-escalate based on trainee input.

  • Practice, Reflection and Feedback phases help trainees enhance their skills by reflecting on their choices and providing feedback. 





Since our inception in 2013 in Seattle WA, we strive to offer the best service, and work closely with our partners to define and achieve their goals with the utmost success.


Together with your teams and experts, we will be achieving new leaps in Augmented Environments that will contribute to achieving better results, more efficient operations and more satisfied users.


Our philosophy is to augment existing workflows and processes while ensuring that existing behaviors continue to drive, with a clear view of the current state of projects and in a user-friendly and easy to use platform.

We understand that the power of data lies not in its quantity but in its quality and the ability to harness the right data to deliver industry intelligence.


Our aim is to rapidly help you get to grips with your data, figure out which data points matter and sift out the ones you don’t need. Interactive Life helps you improve the your practice by turning data into insight.


We spent years developing and perfecting sophisticated platforms to help you achieve and surpass your goals with speed and efficiency.

We worked with our partners and clients to define and address their requirements and needs, while relying on our team to take into consideration the basic principle towards which we develop.

Our easy-to-use solutions extends the capabilities of your existing systems to help you focus on optimizing your operations rather than worrying about technology details.



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