Teaching with Interaction

Ask a question – a LIFE Tile® can get the answer. Audience can take notes within a LIFE Tile®. Poll your attendees for key information on the fly. You can even project live results by pressing a button on your command center.

Go Green and Save Printing Costs

All printed material can be replaced with your Mobile App with your branding. Push LIFE Tiles® to enhance announcements, updates and invitations. 

Live Streaming

Connect with your attendees anywhere. “Touch a Tile” to join LIVE with any mobile device – Display multiple feeds – a teacher, a projector feed and more simultaneously.

One Touch Registration

Community work project, volunteering, upcoming classes or group events – create simple LIFE Tiles® for each. Capture registrations in the moment, including payment!

Buy Merchandise

LIFE Tiles® can be created for simple and secure purchase of any product or media – from  your catalog or from your sponsors.

Take Notes and Never Lose Them

Create “Fill-in-the-blanks” LIFE Tiles® to accompany your teaching. Notes are organized by day and emailed to attendees after the event.

Follow-Up Actions

LIFE Tiles® can pop-up a day or two later so you can follow-up on opportunities presented during your event.  Publish or sell today’s event.  Encourage social media updates.  Drive ongoing interaction.

Group Interactions

LIFE Tiles® can host chat rooms for specific topics by content, region, language.


Present your calendar for people on the go. Link to registrations or ticket sales.

Event-Based Photostream

Create powerful interaction and buzz about your media or events.  Your audience can snap photos, upload to the stream, enter contest, vote on their favorites!

Take a look at some screenshots of what the Interactive Life Mobile App Builder can do.

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