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Church Mobile Apps – The Next Generation

Interactive LIFE is the Next Generation Church App Platform. With dozens of tools to choose from, creating a mobile app for churches has never been easier.


Go way beyond video

Engage your audience with questionnaires, sign-ups, push notifications and much more! »Only with Interactive LIFE.

Deliver changes to your app that are timed with your events.  Use push notifications or our exclusive Events Triggers to captivate your audience.   »Only with Interactive LIFE. 

Next Gen Church Apps will Save Church Resources

 Interactive LIFE mobile apps can replace your bulletin, sermon notes, sign-ups and connection cards.

Combine Beautiful Media with Interactivity

Easily integrate sermon notes right there as people watch video or listen to podcasts. »Only with Interactive LIFE.  


  • “Drag and Drop” with dozens of built in tools
  • Fully Customizable – no tech skills needed
  • All major platforms and devices in a single effort
  • Use any of our designs or create your own
  • Custom push notifications



1. Current mobile strategy a necessary part of your first impression.

2. Mobile is always at hand for your audience – use your app to do MUCH MORE than hosting videos.

3. Mobile makes it easy to ask a question, join a group, view content, answer surveys – a useful app will do that!

4. People want less paper and aspire to make environmentally friendly choices. 

5. Preferences are moving toward mobile – for giving, sign-ups, inquiring and more.

6. They want relevant information as quickly as possible.


Interactive Church Mobile Apps

Watch Now- Interactive LIFE Church App Video

Watch Now – Interactive LIFE Church App Video – See Real Time Interactivity


See More – Take a look at the step-by-step
guide for an effective church app.


6 Reasons to choose Interactive Life to create mobile apps for Churches.

1. Real-time synchronization with your service.

2. Easy Weekly Updates: registrations, events, sermon notes and more.

3. “Drag and Drop Simple” – No tech skills required.

4. You have ultimate design control and endless flexibility.

5. Push notifications, triggering and more to create mobile moments.

6. Affordable for all churches to create their mobile app.

Want a no obligation demo? Just ask and we will show you what an effective app for your church can look like.  Contact us today!


Mobile App Usage is on the Rise

New tools are needed to minister in a world where people live on their smartphones or tablets, and where teenagers' social currency is measured by Friends on Facebook or Followers on Twitter.

Don't delay. The move to mobile is fast and continues to accelerate.


Over 75% of American Adults own a Smartphone, and 42% own a Tablet.
*Jan 2014 Pew Research Study (ages 18-50)


88% of time spent on mobile is within a mobile app.
*March 2015 Flurry Research


Church Apps – Benefits and Features from Interactive Life

An effective mobile app helps churches grow and assimilate with a modern approach to connection and communication.

Church Apps Can Replace Your Bulletin, Connection Cards, Sign-Up Forms

Use your Church Apps to minimize printing. Sunday School Notices, Invitations, Sign-ups, Info Sheets – all replaced with your app!

Timely Giving - Integrate Any Mobile Giving Service

Trigger a giving form at the right moment.  Many experience a dramatic increase in online giving from their app.

Fill-in-the-blanks or Free Form Notes plus Archive

Save printing.  Take notes and never lose them! Push a Button to Change the App so your people see and complete Sermon Notes in Real Time. 

Mobile Event and Volunteer Registration

Complete with Custom Confirmation Messages that Keep the Conversation Going. 

Interactive Messages and Events

Instantly get Feedback, trigger Sermon Notes and Announcements – Your App Synchronized with Each Moment.

Push Notifications Drive Interaction

Increase engagement before, during and after events.  Registrations, messages, volunteer needs and more …

Beautiful Video

Serve people at home. Expand your audience with Video and Streaming. – PLUS interact with Sermon Notes and Questionnaires While Video is Playing.

Small Group Directories and Sign-up

Easily search by topic, by demographic, by interest.

Instant Feedback

Get feedback during or after events – display results in real time.

Upcoming Events

Push info for Sunday School, Workshops, Events, Small Groups and Prayer. Easily harness the power of social media.

Church Apps with Engaging Interactions
See Videos and Step-by-step examples


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About Us

Interactive Church Life is based on the technology created by Interactive Life Inc. The first mobile publishing platform of its kind, Interactive Life has changed the way organizations, entertainers, and conferences interact with people. Second screens are everywhere. Smartphones are standard. Connections in meaningful ways can be made.

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There are unlimited ways to use Interactive Church Life to help connect your church community.

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Church Mobile App Price

Many reports show that mobile web traffic is rising above 50% of all web traffic. Start your Church Mobile Strategy Today!

With church mobile app price packages starting at under $100 per month, and low set-up costs,  Interactive Church Life will design a feature and service solution that meets your church’s budget.  We aren’t the cheapest church app, but we guarantee we are the most effective.  No other platform will let you replace your bulletin AND synchronize content with your service.

Don’t delay! Contact us for a demo or to discuss how we can set you up with a church mobile app price that is both fair and suitable for your ministry.

Want us to design your app for you? We can do it all! Just contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Don’t settle for a church app that just looks good – bring interactivity and engagement to your church with an effective app from Interactive Life.

Church Mobile App Price FAQs

Church App Publishing

Yes.  As part of our set-up, we do the work for you, using our accounts to publish your app in all major app stores.

Make your church mobile app available to users of Apple, Android, and Windows – One set-up for all platforms, smartphones and tablets!

Church App Integration and Connection to other Church Technologies

Yes.  There are a variety of ways to connect church technology tools together.  When we discuss your needs and goals we will make suggestions on how to do so.  For some technical integration we will discuss a professional services fee.

Your mobile app is an excellent place to bring tools together – so that everything is a finger-tap away!

How do downloads and usage factor into church app pricing?

Downloads, usage, and features are all considered as we put your church mobile app price package together.  We strive to be open and fair as we guide you, and to give you what you need, at a price that fits your budget.

We are here to support your ministry, by helping you communicate better, increase connections, and save administration.

How do I find budget to pay for my church app?

When you implement a church app from Interactive LIFE you will likely save printing costs, and administrative time.  By using our tools to create registration forms, replicate or replace your bulletin, online giving, connect cards and prayer requests, you will find many people will choose the app over paper, and the benefit is a savings on church costs.

Click here to check out the testimonial from a church about their mobile app – it addresses this question thoroughly.We are confident that you will find an incredible amount of value in your church mobile app from Interactive LIFE!

Church Mobile App Price is Far Recovered with Ministry Value
See more from Interactive LIFE – Video Testimonials from Pastors, Demos, and Communication examples on the Interactive LIFE YouTube Channel.

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