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Event-Synchronized Interactivity

  • Create New Mobile Apps

  • Enhance Existing Apps

  • Real-Time Engagement for Websites

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Mobile App Development & Website Enhancement

The First and Most Advanced EVENT SYNCHRONIZATION and CONTENT DELIVERY PLATFORM. Grow, Communicate Better, Engage and Monetize your Community.

Create beautiful mobile apps with real-time synchronization

Use triggers and timers to engage your audience with content that by timing changes in the app with life events.  Communicate better with in-app discussions,  instant polls, and timely Content. >>Contact Us to Learn More about mobile app event-synchronization.

Create a New Mobile App or Update an Existing App

 Choose from dozens of tools and features to dramatically enhance existing apps or websites so you can drive connection and loyalty. Interactive Life is a mobile app development platform that is powerful yet simple.

Diversify Revenue and Monetize your Community

Synchronize mobile app content with life’s events to create hyper-contextual experiences. This will accelerate and increase registrations, purchases, connections and responses. Create new revenue streams with optional ads or sponsors.

A Custom App with your Branding to Engage your Community

 Mobile app development is simple with Interactive LIFE Tiles – the building blocks of your app.   Drag and Drop tools let you choose your images, icons, colors, backgrounds.  Choose your layout, content organization and interactions. Easily design an app that is both beautiful and effective.

Targeted Results

Built in Analytics Tools give you detailed information on each interaction.  Deliver synchronized content to your app with any event – from shopping to teaching, and from watching a performance to listening to a song.  We give you all the tools to develop an app that can engage your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Truly Interactive Experiences

 Effective Mobile Apps get the right information to people within seconds.  Bring the right content right into view with an app that is organized for easy communication.  Make purchases and registrations one-click simple. Make it easy for your community to connect.





What is Event-Synchronized Interactivity?

The ability to time changes within a mobile app or website with events.  Much like an event producer can change what you see on television during a sporting event, Interactive Life let’s you change what is showing on your app along with the event.

What are examples of Events?

The list is long.  Entering a stadium, watching a performance, listening to music, attending class, walking by a store, exiting a building.  Your app can change in the moment with our unique set of triggers and timers.

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Create a Mobile App that Synchronizes Content with Events

The result - Incredibly clear and absolutely simple communication.

Increase Connections

Purchasing and Promotion

Create a mobile app for product placements, event tickets, merchandise. Use your app to drive content that is relevant to what is going on. Advertise products and services.  Create and promote purchase paths that are synchronized with your event.

Push Notifications

Drive engagement pre, post and during events. Synchronize LIFE Tiles® with your events. Timed, pushed, reactive or proactive engagement.

Contests and Interaction at Live Events

Between Whistles and During Breaks: Move beyond the big screen and into the palms of your audience. Create connection and promote purchases.

Event-Based Social Interaction

Immediate interactions, poll the audience and event photo streams. Plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one place!

Sell Photos from the Game or Concert

Capture moments only to be available in your custom App. Diversify revenue and increase fan connection.

Diversify Revenue

Promote upcoming events, community activities and corporate sponsors. Interactive LIFE Tiles® during events create hyper-contextual moments.

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Create a Mobile App with Synchronized LIFE Interactions yourself, or work with one of our Design Partners to help.  Contact Us For a Demo Today!

More Effective Communication


Create a Mobile App and Put Everything at their fingertips – no more searching or long emails
Ask and Answer Questions, Teaching Tools, Alerts and Notices.
Organized for Easy Reading and Absolute Convenience.

Support your Customers and Members

Host Videos, Photos, Discussions, Surveys, Questionnaires, Webpages and More
Interactive LIFE Tiles® offer an endless combination of interactions and ways to display content.  No Tech Skills Required!

Get Feedback, Connect in Real-Time, Create Excitement

Interactive Events complete with Social Integration
Schools can make productions interactive, Sales meetings can come to life, and Businesses can create powerful events that grow connection. Plus – Easily integrate Social Media and Blogs

Registration and Payment

Registrations, Purchases & Payment
Selling Merchandise? Running Events? Need Volunteers? In minutes publish a Sign-up form and start taking registrations with payment.


Cloud Storage for Notes – Free form or Fill-in-the-blank
Create environments for learning and understanding – Trigger the opportunity for note taking at just the right moment.

Drive Engagement

Precisely delivered, synchronized content engages your community
Timers and triggers let you publish (and withdraw) content to your mobile app or website at the time you specify – synchronized with Life’s Events.

Calendars and Schedules

Calendars, Bookings, Training Sessions, Schedules
Make it one touch simple! Your audience will love how easy it is to learn what is happening with information organized for absolute simplicity.

Mobile connections capture power of immediacy

Take Attendance, and Make Contacting Easy
Always be in touch and make it easy to communicate and get feedback from your audience.  Create unique opportunities for everyone to engage and for your community to grow.


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Design LIFE Interactions yourself, or work with one of our Mobile App Design Partners.

Create a Mobile App for Interactive Announcements

Create a Mobile app to Replace Your Bulletin, Connection Cards, Sign-up Forms

Connection cards, Sunday School Notices, Invitations, Sign-ups, Info sheets – all replaced with your app!

Tiles to Give or Recommend Resources

Push a tile to encourage download of a new worship song or book mentioned during service.

Sermon Notes - Fill-in-the-blanks or Free Form

Save printing.  Take notes and never lose them! Push a Button to Change the App so your congregants see the Sermon Notes in Real Time

Mobile Event and Volunteer Registration

Touch a Tile to Register for events, community help, volunteering…

Interactive Messages and Built in Bible

Poll your Congregation, get Feedback, push Sermon Notes and Announcements – Your App Changes When You Want It To.

Tiles for Driving Interaction

LIFE Tiles® can drive Pre & Post event interactions. Chat with the Pastor, Verses of the Day, Daily Devotions and more…

Tiles for Streaming Video

Serve people at home. “Touch a Tile” to join LIVE with any mobile device – worship, preaching, and anything on the projector available from anywhere.

Tiles for Small Group Discussions

Connections by topic, by demographic, by interest. Prayer requests and more!

LIFE Tiles® for Feedback

Get feedback during or after events.

Tiles for Ministry Communication and Calendar of Events

Push info for Sunday School, Workshops, Events, Small Groups and Prayer. Easily harness the power of social media.

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 Create a Mobile App with Synchronized LIFE Interactions yourself, or work with one of our Design Partners to help.  >>Contact Us For a Mobile App Demo Today!


Mobile App Development Service – Design or Enhance your Mobile App

Interactive Life brings a powerful tool to your organization.

Create your own app, or engage our Mobile App Development Service.


Create interactive apps within hours. Update in Minutes

The Interactive Life Studio makes it easy. Drag and drop, upload, preview your updated Mobile AppSchedule a Demo

Multi-language and content targeted by region

Discussions, photo-streams,  experiences by region. Add interactivity to any mobile app or create a new one with our simple publishing platform.  


Engage your creative partners or our mobile app development service team to customize or update your app for you. Partner with us – Bring mobile capabilities to your own clients.  Learn more

A well-implemented mobile strategy can be yours.  Interactive Life Technology will help you to grow, communicate better, engage your audience more frequently, and to monetize that audience effectively.  Visit our Design Gallery for a few examples.

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